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The accessible smart guitar for the blind, deaf and mute

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The Chord Assist smart guitar aims to bring the joy of learning music, in an acccessible manner, to everyone.

Google Assistant

Powered by the Google Assistant, a natural flowing conversation can be had with the guitar to both learn chords and tune the guitar.

Audio input

Using the provided microphone, the user can speak to the guitar. Phrases such as "Tell me how to play the C chord" and "Play me the B note" can be used to learn chords and here tuning notes.

Audio output

Using the built in speaker allows the user to be told how to play the chord via an audio medium. After a request is made on how to learn a chord, the instructions in how to play that chord are spoken.

Repeat previous operation

To save the user repeating themselves or their operation used to select a chord, the repeat button allows the user to repeat the previously returned response - creating a more frictionless learning experience.

Enable and disable functionality

The guitar features 3 on/off switches for each of the screen, braille and speaker components. This allows the user to specific how they wish to receive the chord instructions.

Braille reader

When a chord has been requested, the Braille reader can be used to read the chord instructions in a braille format - allows users who are blind to learn how to play the specified chord.

Chord selection

Because some users may be mute or not in a position to speak to the guitar, a 4-digit LCD screen displays the available chords - allowing the user to select one to receive instructions for.

Vibration indicator

Whilst the chord request is taking place, a blind user may not know this is happening. For this reason, a vibrating progress indicator is located next to the braille reader - this will vibrate whilst requests are taking place.

Frictionless tuning

To avoid the user needing to carry / find or source a guitar tuner, you can ask the guitar to play the note which you wish to tune to. When requested, the desired note will be played for tuning purposes.

Companion app

Because the guitar is powered by the Google Assistant, the same conversational tool is available from android phones and google smart home devices. Meaning from those devices you will be able to access the same functionality, as well as extended features such as expansion chord packs.